Monday, September 15, 2008

Coming back to planet earth

The shrillness of the campaign got to me. I had to back away.

The moment that did it was McCain's announcement of Palin as his running mate. I giggled. Then I found myself outraged at the hostility against her.

Then I realized that my outrage must have been similar to that felt by Obama loyalists as the right wing, with Hannity at the head, blasted Obama for all sorts of deficits in his character.

I'm still backing my horse. But I am remembering that this election pits two men of character against one another. They're both the ones I rooted for in their respective primaries.

Regardless, my children will grow up thinking that a president of color or a vice president who is female is normal, not exceptional. That's right and proper.

In our nation's past, when individuals and circumstances have challenged the Constitution, the Constitution has always won.

More later. We'll be just fine.