Monday, December 29, 2008

Why We Watch Sports

Even the most grumpy Philadelphia sports fan has to sit back and think about what 2008 has delivered to him. It was a year that gave us everything fans desire from the sports world. The Flyers had a tremendous run in the post season, playing well above their talent level. The Sixers gave us the great high of signing a big-time free agent (and then had the season go catastrophic). But then the Phillies bewildered us (Myers' bad start; Rollins' bandwagon comment) before putting together an astonishingly good postseason. Now the Eagles, after spending so much time giving their fan base heartburn (and allowing their fans to go through the catharsis of crucifying the head coach and quarterback) turn around and luck their way into a playoff opportunity before thrashing the Cowboys in cost-the-headcoach-his-job fashion. Brilliant.

Thanks, teams, for 2008.

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