Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Moment to Be Appreciative

My greatest anxiety a week ago was that my children would find their Christmas underwhelming. Sherry and I deliberately decided not to over-buy, and resisted some last minute impulses successfully. We had clued relatives in on good, safe bets for our two and decided to make the riskier purchases.

My anxiety only heightened Christmas Eve when I saw my son go to bed with a copy of the Lego catalog tucked hopefully beneath his pillow. Yikes! And I knew there wasn't a single Lego set from Santa (I'm not counting the Hero Factory sets which were a complete gamble).

The result: two kids perfectly happy and appreciative with what they did get.

I'm so fortunate to have those two.

Sherry and I have somehow figured out how to do Christmas in a relatively low stress way. We lazily eat a nice breakfast. The kids open a few gifts, play, open a few others. We normally have some extended family come on over - this year my folks and my brother's family - but don't overdo the meal. This year Christmas morning felt like it was only an hour long, and it seemed like our guests were only here for 45 minutes when, in fact, they were here for more like 4 hours!

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