Saturday, March 30, 2013


I knew I married right when I discovered my wife and I shared an affinity for good ice cream. Now I'm realizing we share it for donuts, too.

In the last year, we have visited three outstanding donut destinations in addition to a local favorite, Yum-Yum. In chronological order:

August visit to Federal Donuts
Federal Donuts - In South Philadelphia. They're gourmet, which is both good and bad. Flavors were extraordinary, but there weren't any normal, good donuts.

The Fractured Prune - In Ocean City, Maryland. A lot like Federal Donuts. Very good, but so unusual they're hard to compare.

Country Style Donuts in Richmond, Virginia. Closest I've found to Yum-Yum. Their chocolate isn't as good as Yum-Yum's chocolate cruller. However, Sherry believes their coconut is the finest coconut donut she's ever had. Their raised maple was almost a religious experience for me. Out of this world.
Puts Dunkin' to Shame. Compares to Yum-Yum.

With Uncle Tom near a holy site on Easter Eve. 

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