Saturday, May 11, 2013

Goodbye, Old Friend

I pulled the plug on one of my longest friends, the Philadelphia Inquirer. I've been a subscriber to it either in print or electronic form since 1998. I have been reading it longer than that. But I ended it. In short: the quality of the paper was diminishing (it was taking me just ten minutes to read from it what I wanted or needed) and I could no longer justify paying a monthly subscription for it. I'm subscribing to other news sources that are giving me value, and I anticipate that another will start charging me soon, too. I had to make a cut.

I feel a little bit adrift as I figure out how I'll get my local, regional, and state news reliably. I'm experimenting with Twitter, Google Reader, and some free newspaper websites, but I feel like I'm missing something.

Readers might be curious what I am using however.

The Washington Post remains my favorite spot for commentary. I imagine they'll get their pay wall going in June. I'll pay.

The New York Times is one of the best values for the money, as long as you are a teacher. For $7.50 a month I get access to their web site and all its content. I also get the app for it on my phone (but not my tablet . . . seems a bit silly).

The Week. The print magazine is excellent. Their website is very good too.

The Economist, though it feels a bit like homework at times.

Flipboard, where I link to CNET, Slate, automotive news, the blog that I follow, is heaven-sent.

I'm not a novice anymore with online news. But I'm not a master yet. I think cutting the cord to an old friend will help me move toward mastery. As for now, I'm officially a journeyman.

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