Sunday, July 7, 2013

Favorite News Stories from the Week

It was a week filled with festivities and family. I fell behind on news this week. In picking up the pieces, I found these to be meaningful reads:

A report on a fellow named Warren Mosler who holds theories on the economy that defy simple left/right definition.

A humbling op-ed on poverty and how it frames educational opportunity. I teach in a district characterized by students who are for the most part motivated and who come from households of abundance. How challenging it must be to teach the other half. As an old friend of mine used to say, "My worst day here is better than some teacher's best day there."

On our national anthem, again by Esther Cepeda. Amen.

I once had a chance to view original stereoscopic photos of World War I like displayed here. Memorable in ways that are hard to imagine. I hope that this virtual museum publishes more.

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