Sunday, September 8, 2013

News Roundup

Neat analysis piece in the New York Times regarding what the Syria episode is revealing about presidential power. High school Social Studies teacher orthodoxy calls for an assumption that the power of the presidency has grown since the time of the Framers. Perhaps we overlook the stubborn nature by which Congress can veto a president's intentions. I think the analysis might miss the way in which the Supreme Court can redirect events, too. Perhaps a running theme I used to call my students' attention to in AP U.S., that no president with the possible exception of James Monroe had a good 2nd term, is consistent with this analysis. Good read.

Maureen Dowd's essay offers me something I'm tempted to use in my classroom. Great example of the style that makes op-eds interesting to read, and it invites debate.

Thank you, Ben Schott. Your glossary is a great reset for those outside the Beltway looking in.

An interesting point of view regarding the rising cost of college tuition is at the Washington Post. Not too much interesting there today on Syria . . . I guess they put forth their best on Friday when they had Krauthammer and Robinson weigh in. However, one op-ed offers the depressing reality that "Saving lives is a hard sell these days." You can read that here.

My local paper had a write-up about Bike Night. It's actually kind of neat to stroll Main Street for this event. I don't know why it took my wife and I so long to visit it.


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