Monday, April 21, 2014

World War Z

Just finished my most recent piece of fiction, Max Brooks' World War Z. It was the second recommendation by a friend, a friend who has drawn up the syllabus for a science fiction elective at his high school. (The other book was Isaac Asimov's I, Robot.) As I began reading World War Z I didn't really understand what the big deal was about zombie science fiction but thought I'd give it a try. Then I came to think "Hmmm, this Brooks guy has a pretty intriguing style" (a faux oral history). Then I found myself engrossed as situations that seemed like clear solutions to the zombie onslaught failed to stem the tide. I read the last fifty or sixty pages in one sitting.

Nearly everyone has took me the film version isn't worth watching.

After a few days' digestion, I'll figure out another piece of fiction to engross me.  

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Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

I am presently reading The Goldfinch. It is very good. Long but good.