Friday, July 24, 2015

"He's my son, too."

My neighborhood. Correction, my block, is in the news. There was a somewhat scary but mostly sad incident that took place a few doors down. A young man had a violent, threatening episode that required the police to come with sidearms drawn. Thankfully no one was hurt, no shots were fired.

You can read of it on the Lansdale newspaper page or on the site of the Allentown television news. It's on Philly news, too.

A few thoughts . . .

I get the impression the borough's police force knew the alleged criminal and situation well and were in position to solve this as peacefully as they did.

I'm still not interested in having a firearm at my own home.

There was something very unnerving about walking out my door in order to retrieve the newspaper and seeing officers advance with sidearms drawn. It was so out of place I stayed outside.

It was so out of place I didn't object when my wife left for her daily walk with friends. In fact, she walked by as the apprehension took place.

More importantly . . .

The parents of this young man are good people. Always friendly to me. I cannot imagine the pain of seeing a child act in the way this young man did yesterday morning. I can't help but recall the words from a sermon my friend gave a few months ago, when he said that he the spirit of God reassure him in a moment of anxiety with his newborn son that "He is my son, too." And so I think of the young man who was arrested yesterday, he is God's son, too. His earthly parents did their best to raise a young man. Sadly, that young man made some awful, terrible choices. He might be beyond the point of their help, but he isn't uncared or unloved.

I did, by the way, talk with my own kids about the episode. When we returned from the movies today, and after I read the news story, I shared with them in terms they would likely understand what took place. I don't want them surprised when it comes up (inevitably) at school or with friends. And I don't want them contributing to a gossipy spiral. Ultimately, two good people who've always been friendly to me and my kids are suffering right now, experiencing a pain and disappointment I cannot fathom.

They're His children, too.