Monday, May 29, 2017

Spring Comes to An End

It's been sometime since I posted. I've been observing a six-month moratorium on posts regarding the presidency, which seems wise still. I guess that doesn't mean I can't post on political topics, but the White House has long been a gravity well for all that is political. For all intents and purposes, not commenting on the presidency means not commenting on government.

I could also lament that it's been a spring characterized by business, but that seems like a cowardly way out. Really, it was a spring of me not saying no at the right times.

So, I'll restart my blog with a brief anecdote that seems to capture the absurdity that sometimes results from the abundance of modern-day middle-class life.

Sam: Can I have the green iPad?

Me: But I was hoping to watch some of the Stanley Cup Final?

Sam: Can't you just cast it up here?

Me: No, I set that up downstairs. This TV has an antenna.

Sam: I wanted to play Clash Royale.

Me: Okay, I guess I can watch it on my phone.

Sam: Oh, what just happened?

Me: They overturned a goal.

Sam: Let me see.

Dad hands over phone to son. 

Me: I guess I could watch it on the green iPad.

Sam: Maybe.

Me: Wait, it's on NBC. I could've just watched it on antenna.

Seems silly, doesn't it. It dawned on me tonight that there are five different devices that this very minute could be showing that game. Probably another five could do so if I plugged in some passwords and downloaded some apps.

Seriously, the green iPad. I guess that differentiates it from maroon. Oh, and from the iPod, which is pink (guess whose that is?). Oh, and from the iPhone (old or new).

It's really an embarrassment of riches.

As a long-time friend says, one has either time or money. She's right, as tonight's snapshot into the two-income, two-kid, home-in-the-suburbs lifestyle attests.

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