Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Day After

In my classes I set forth a set of values. The purpose of these values is to be a guidepost when students and I disagree on a given situation. The first value:

"Intelligent people can disagree."

Boy, is the fallout of this election testing that value. Even my lovely, beautiful, intelligent wife and I, who for years have joked at how we cancel out the votes we have each cast on election day, were finding it hard to converse politely about the election's results. Actually, it's better to say that we had a hard time navigating how differently our respective families are digesting the news, and how each really can make us feel like strangers in a strange land.


Neat post at Time's Real Clear Politics Blog about the transition of power. It is an awesome thing that this country does when one president gives way to another. I remember once hearing an anecdote about how George Bush (41) once called the White House the February after he left for an update on some foreign relations matter (perhaps Israel-Palestine). Supposedly, a secretary politely said, "I'm sorry, Mr. President, but you're not the president anymore and we cannot provide that information to you" (not a direct quote).

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