Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How Unpatriotic

So, here I am a Social Studies teacher and I forget to post on July 4. Shame.

My morning news forays have been disappointing as of late. The news is starting to get back to the debt ceiling controversy we are seemingly on track to battle in early August. The two sides have staked out their lines in the sand, claiming they won't budge. Surely, though, there will be a kick-the-can 11th hour compromise somewhere around August 2. Probably August 1. That's a Sunday, after all (more dramatic).

If either party is interested, the candidate who would get my vote would call for . . .

  • a modest rise in income taxes or a VAT
  • cutting discretionary spending as well as Social Security, Medicare, and Defense by 10%
  • a great simplification of the federal tax code
  • restoring that gimmicky 2% cut in FICA for 2011
Instead, what's going to happen . . .

  • no rise in taxes
  • no significant cuts in the budget
  • no touching the tax code
  • the whole FICA will be removed for 2012

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