Sunday, July 17, 2011

Vacation from everything - 7/10-7/16

For some reason I couldn't post blogs on my recent vacation. I drafted a few. Simply couldn't post them, strange.

A week in New York was both exhausting and refreshing. It did get my mind off of job and money worries for a week. Ironically, that expensive city (a source for another post) also might have dinged up finances more than I expected. Hmmm.

It also got my mind away from politics for a second time this summer. Wonderful. I see in my week away that almost nothing has changed. Politicians behaving badly. The economy performing laboriously. And the NFL and its players are still unable to figure out how to divide a multi-billion-dollar pie of revenue. Sigh. I really didn't miss much, did I?

Anyway, here was our week in NYC:

Sunday -
  • Berenstain Bears Live
  • Trip to Central Park
  • Move in to our place in Brooklyn

Monday -
  • Empire State Bldg.
  • Museum of Natural History

Tuesday -
  • Bronx Zoo
  • First attempt to go to Top of the Rock

Wednesday -
  • Concert at Fort Greene Park
  • NY Transit Museum
  • Second attempt to get to Top of the Rock

Thursday -
  • Jones Beach
  • Third and final attempt to get to Top of the Rock

Friday -
Statue of Liberty
Ellis Island
FAO Scwhartz

Saturday -
An exhausted family returns home

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