Saturday, April 28, 2012

I wonder if I can learn from this

Yesterday I saw a student depart.  I've known him since 2008.  I've known him to be troubled for some time.  Yesterday he withdrew from school.  Withdrew may as well be a euphemism for dropped out / kicked out.  With six weeks remaining until graduation, and no possibility of earning a passing grade in some critical courses, he withdrew.   

He exhibit some symptoms that made me think he's battling an addiction, which is sad, but a problem I'm unequipped to help.  For some reason, it's easy for me to say that this isn't a problem I can solve, I'll trust others (parents, counselors, administrators) to make an attempt at solving it.  They might succeed, they might fail.  I tolerate the ambiguity. 

Often I find it tempting to get too involved helping others solve problems.  Usually, others seek my help.  Sometimes I jump in because I think my help is desired.  And in the last months, I've gotten burned a few times helping in those situations. 

I think I made the right call gauging my involvement with that troubled child yesterday.  It's not a problem I can solve, aside from being a stable, honest, and caring adult who shows that he likes the child.  I need to apply this mentality to other situations so I can more wisely put my time and energies to use. 

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