Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Sunday News Roundup

Some insights I found interesting:

Ruth Marcus on latest iteration of the mommy wars.

A silly idea from Sheila Bair. The $10 million amount is absurd, but I like absurdity to prove a point. My amateurish economics isn't adequate enough to inform me as to why we can't offer Americans the option to accept income tax refunds in the form of U.S. bonds. I think we'd benefit from a more transparent connection between our personal financial wellbeing and the debt our government maintains.

Maureen Dowd wrote of how boring the 2012 election might be, given the two candidates. One point I would offer, however, is that maybe the American people have settled on two men who just happen to be faithful husbands, good fathers, and otherwise decent human beings. Is it possible that we got something right?

And then there's this little kernel from New York Times regarding the tempest-in-a-teapot nature of today's news cycle.

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