Saturday, June 2, 2012

So, here's another reason the TV is dying

Today my wife's parents called us from Denmark. We had a video chat over the iPhone. My kids got to see their grandparents, see their grandparents, six timezones away. Their grandfather got to show the kids what it looked like out the window. No video hiccups, no poor quality of voices (other than my kids' poor enunciation), just two people we love telling us how their vacation was going. 

It's enough to diminish my interest in what's on TV. Screen time should be chatting with friends and family far away. But as my kids grow, they'll take for granted something that I look at as an awesome thing (I grew up in the age of 3-6-and-10 bunny ears): using screens as a way to see loved ones. Why will they settle for commercial programming? 

Interestingly, The Economist ran a great article about two years ago analyzing why TV will be such a great survivor. Might that be another prediction my favorite magazine got wrong?

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Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

"like". You didn't mention having the globe right there, showing them where we are....