Sunday, June 17, 2012

Two Gems from Today's Inquirer

This one* I need to remember for school, an interesting speech for rising seniors in high school.

And then we have a brilliant piece of sports writing. The first lines are so good, paint such a dispiriting picture that one doesn't even need to read the rest of the piece.

*Oh, blast it, doesn't have this link from their non-paywall section of the site. Oh well. It was an interesting advice column written to the high school class of 2013 telling kids that they need to be the adult in the forest of well-wishers and optimists who sometimes fail to frame college choices as realistically as they should be framed. It challenges me to remember how often students benefit from being told no. Adults (teachers and parents) often have to enforce boundaries that help kids grow properly. Do I, as a teacher of upperclassmen, properly set boundaries for the kids to choose a great path to a successful adult life?

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