Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Night in Philadelphia

Sherry and I overnighted in Philadelphia and enjoyed what was one of our more unusual dates. Sherry was the one who wanted to see a football game, I was the one urging us to leave early from it. I was the one to order a dessert involving fruit, Sherry the over-the-top peanut butter and chocolate sundae. I was the one to get goofy over the quirky perk of a water dispenser and a battery of plastic bottles which were complimentary at the hotel

I'm discovering that food odysseys are becoming my favorite way to enjoy a city. We took dessert at Max Brenner's restaurant in Philadelphia, and I enjoyed what I must consider the most spectacular dessert I've ever had. This morning I enjoyed breakfast at the Reading Terminal Market where the Pennsylvania Dutch Festival was underway. I had my choice of meat for my breakfast sandwich, and I chose scrapple. I didn't realize that she would take a whole thick slice of scrapple and put it on my sandwich.
Excessive. Delicious. The finest cream-filled donut finished our breakfast.
I'll end this festival of superlatives by admitting that the coffee we had was good, but not great. 

When in Montreal I hunted for bagels, beaneries, and even shish taouk. My most passionate quest was for a smoked meat sandwich, and I reveled in finding the best, not the most famous. It would seem smoked meat is to Montreal what cheese steaks are to Philly, and true Philly folks know that Pat's and Geno's are the tourist magnets whereas Jim's, John's, and Dalessandro's are the best. So I bypassed Schwart'z in Montreal and headed for Lester's, which ended up being the most fun impromptu jaunt of our vacation. 

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