Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Top Ten List for Canada

A great article from CNN's website, entitled "10 Things Canada Does Better Than Anywhere Else," invites me to comment. From the list . . .

One of the more amusing historical books I've read is Bastards and Boneheads, a tongue-in-cheek history of Canada. But it makes some very significant points in the midst of the chuckles it tries to induce.

File:Canadian Red Ensign 1957-1965.svgI can't disagree. It's a brilliant choice of symbol. It creates such a simple flag, certainly more simple and more distinct than the flag that the Maple Leaf replaced. Some other brilliant simplicity from Canada: it's name (the official name of Canada is Canada . . . no "Republic of" or "Kingdom of" or "Federal Dominion of"). I'd like to say their anthem is simple (beautiful, too) but it does come in two languages and the meaning of the French and English lyrics are quite different.

I prefer Tim Horton's over Dunkin' Donuts, but I cannot tell you why aside from that it's Canadian. I ate at a Swiss Chalet one time, but didn't see all the fuss. I'm frustrated CNN left St. Hubert off the list, because that Quebec institution is awesome. St. Hubert is like a cross between Bob Evans, Hoss's, and Ruby Tuesday's. 

Now I have some terms that I need to include in my daily conversation for the upcoming year. I wonder how often I can use "given the gears" at school. I will look for ways I can say "your gitch is showing" without being fired. 

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