Saturday, December 7, 2013

Economic Fatherhood

I backed into a neat parent trick for the 21st century. Here's how.

My son missed his school's photo day back in October. In the flurry of household activity, we didn't see information regarding picture retake day last month. He was in school, however, and had his picture taken. But we hadn't sent with him any check or order form.

Two days ago his backpack contained a proof sheet and means by which to order his portrait online. I was able to complete the transaction from the comfort of my favorite chair this morning.

Is it just me, or isn't it glorious to have the ability to see if the photo is worth buying or not before making the order? In the old days, we sent in the order form and check, had the kid's picture taken, then wait a few weeks to see if it was a good or bad portrait. If it was bad, you could send in your photos for retake day, but still that second round could go badly, especially in the range of years (ages 7 through 17, I suppose) in which dermatology and orthodontia (as well as just plain awkwardness) can play havoc with photographing our kids.  

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