Sunday, November 30, 2014


We stretched our streak to seven today. We also made it a fairly busy morning. Sherry and I played handbells at 8:15, which meant we had to get to church at 7:45. Sherry then volunteered to sell singing telegrams, a fundraiser for the youth choirs, at 9:30. She completed her hat trick by playing flute at the start of the 10:45 service. I enjoyed getting to see her perform up front.

The service is making more sense to Sam. I see him engaged with more of what's going on, following the bulletin more actively. It was the first Sunday since he received his Bible, a Bible he promptly left on a shelf with the coat hangers during the Sunday School hour. Ah, baby steps.

Three more Sundays and we're eligible for the Big Kahuna. Oh, we were on time so we stopped at Yum Yum. I had my normal. Sherry, however, had something new that looked fantastic: something covered in cinnamon and filled with cream (creme?).

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