Sunday, October 30, 2016

I guess I'm with her

I've been challenging myself to outline the reasons why I'm voting for Mrs. Clinton rather than against Mr. Trump. It took me a while. But here, with about a week remaining, are my reasons which I'll state without lapsing into criticism of the Republican nominee.

  • Her record while in office is that of a competent policymaker willing to reach across the aisle in the sake of compromise. I think we could use that kind of person in the White House. 
  • She'll likely draw on allies with involvement in, or one degree removed from, advisers in her husband's administration in the 1990s. The domestic legislative accomplishments of that administration, though by no means unblemished, promoted some meaningful reform in a partisan 1990s climate. I like the idea of a president surrounded by advisers who will make things happen. 
  • Her campaign platform, and record as a policymaker, suggest she'll put forward policies to benefit working-class Americans, children, and young families. Also, it suggests she'll promote modest measures at regulating firearms. These are policies I think are prudent. 
  • Her tax recommendations are budget neutral relative to the track on which we currently find ourselves. 
  • She's a good mother. Her daughter, Chelsea, is a credit to her parenting. Given how Chelsea came of age while her father was president, and in the midst of the scandals he brought upon the family and administration, this is no small feat. 

Enthusiastic? No. Convincing? Probably not. I'll sleep fine on November 8 having cast a vote for her. Moreover, I'm a little bit more at ease given that I have some solid (though arguable) reasons for supporting her rather than opposing him. I've spent enough time on this blog criticizing Mr. Trump. Probably too much. But I'd like to conclude this season looking more at the merits of her rather than the demerits of him.

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