Tuesday, October 25, 2016


A few years ago the saga of then-Attorney General Kathleen Kane made me quite indignant. It's come to an end. She's been sentenced. She'll go to jail. Here's how the Philadelphia news reported on it. Somehow, I don't find myself at all satisfied.

I really wish the state legislature had impeached and removed her rather than see her convicted and sent to jail. Was the jail sentence warranted? Probably. But President Ford was right forty-some years ago when he issued a pardon, basically leaving Richard Nixon's punishment for a political crime political banishment.

Kane's saga marks something of a beginning of an angry phase in my political life. I remember feeling quite red over her shenanigans. Why was my tax money paying for this bully's salary? Why was this person the chief law enforcement officer of my state? Her conduct disgusted me.

As my interest in that story bated, the presidential campaign heated up. And in that I found a new figure seemingly worthy of my scorn. Now I ponder about what impact Mr. Trump's likely defeat will have on me. Will I feel vindicated? Probably not. I'll probably feel empty and frustrated over the wasted time, energy, and passion. Feeling right isn't the same as feeling good.

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