Saturday, January 14, 2012

Kodak Moment

As I engaged in some needed cleaning of the basement I came across an old but still functioning digital camera. My daughter has been a little bit envious of a camera my son received for Christmas, so I gave this old camera I found to her. She was delighted.

She took her first picture with it tonight. Immediately she turned the camera to me to see the image of my teeth she had taken (I need to work with her on stepping back more than 10 inches from her intended target, especially when using flash). I thought it was funny how she instinctively turned the camera so she could show me the picture. She will never know of a time when one had to wait until film was developed to see how the shot cam out.

Ironically I had just finished reading a good article from The Economist about Kodak's seemingly inevitable bankruptcy. I'll probably have to explain what a "Kodak Moment" is to my kids someday. Good thing I'm a history teacher.

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