Monday, January 2, 2012

So might we finally prove Dr. King wrong

Pastor from church sent a link to an interesting blog about the future of church. You can read it here. If that author is right about number one, it'll finally disprove one of Dr. King's most interesting sayings, that Sunday morning is still the most segregated moment in America.

More importantly, if that author is right (and I think he is) we might be seeing a fundamental shift in the U.S. that really makes folly some Republican strategy of the last decade or so. I know that author didn't mean to get political, but, well, I'm a Social Studies teacher. Some time ago I posted that the Republican Party really needed to abandon social issues, especially same-sex marriage, if it wanted to remain viable in the long-run. The vigilance against illegal immigration also seems foolhardy in the long term. Younger Americans are simply more inclusive than any previous generation. Churches need to pick up on this. Politicians do, too.

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