Thursday, May 24, 2012

Favorite Roads

When I get bored with my desktop image I look for a photograph from one of my favorite roads.  Here are some roads and highways that mean a lot to me. 

Interstate 80.  I'll always associate it with trips to my grandparents.  I've logged many, many miles on it and I must have some good karma for I've never been pulled over by one of Pennsylvania's Finest along it.  I get a thrill when I go by the sign marking "Highest Point of Interstate 80 East of Mississippie" near Clearfield.  The The stretch from the Susquehanna River out to the Lock Haven Exit is spectacular scenery. 

U.S. 6.  Years ago my wife and I thought we had no money, so we made traversing the state on this highway our small vacation.  Quite picturesque.  The drive through the Allegheny Forest is beautiful.  The scenery between Scranton and Mansfield is at times spectacular.  The town of Wellsboro is one of the prettier in all of PA.

Route 23.  It's home for me.  I could drive much of it with my eyes closed, for it was the only way to get from home to any kind of civilization, if one is to call Pottstown civilization.  It cuts through Warwick Township (Chester County) along a ridge that takes you through Knauertown.  It's a beautiful drive, with lovely hills (well, lovely if you're not riding a bicycle). 

Others mean a lot to me, but I think I'd rather save my energy for a post where I blast some of my least favorite such as . . .

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