Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Continuing the Documentary

By the way, the images offered by the documentary about that first mall in suburban Minneapolis were truly wonderful. I am saddened at how the ideals (naive as they might have been) of the mall gave way to the crassness and over-priced ho-hum that became the mall food court.

#7) The Seagram Building in New York City . . . I need to see this.

Oh, I found the PBS website for this documentary.

#8) The Dulles Airport Terminal. Yes, it's majestic. I remember flying from there before I was ready to appreciate it. Then I saw it after I was ready to get it.

#9) Is from Philadelphia, the Vanna Venturi home. I have to admit to being more curious than enamored. The excerpt quotes the architect: "Don't trust an architect who's trying to start a movement."

#10) The Walt Disney Concert Hall. This one I don't know about. It lacks the elegance of the other forward-thinking public building, Dulles. It seems busy more than forward-thinking. However, the interior of the concert hall seems exquisite. Is it possible to want to see a building for the inside rather than the outside?

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