Saturday, June 22, 2013

More from Guelzo

I'm 10% of the way through Guelzo's book! I guess e- readers give us a more useful but less romantic way of sharing progress in a book.

I've read of the long campaign by Confederates to invade Pennsylvania. They operated without difficulty west of Gettysburg, almost being welcomed in Carlisle.

Guelzo often reminds us of the understaffed nature of the armies. He paints a picture of armies hampered by a to small corps of general staffs and cavalry that are ineffective compared to European allies of that era.

I enjoy reading of the Rebel armies spread in an arc radiating from Gettysburg. While living there I often thought the nature of roads' radiation from the town unique. In fact, I wonder why the town has remained as small as it has give how the roads connect it to so many points around it.

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