Monday, June 17, 2013

News blackout, Day 1

I was good today. I didn't even check my Twitter feed. Okay, so I launched Twitter on my phone, but quickly pressed the back button before it opened.

A colleague of mine was a bit perplexed today when I told him of my annual news blackout. He insisted I should know about Ben Bernacke's impending announcement Wednesday about the Fed's practice of buying $85 billion per month in bonds. He's right. It's ridiculously relevant to an AP Macroeconomics teacher. Too bad this event is happening in the midst of news blackout week.

A Father's Day surprise: Sherry got what is perhaps the geekiest board game imaginable: 1989: Dawn of Freedom. Words cannot describe how eager I am to find time to play it with someone. It is a sequel to the best board game I've ever played, Twilight Struggle. I'm grateful that a few friends of mine share my joy in re-living famous epochs from the 20th century.

And now I look forward to ending my day reading about the Battle of Gettysburg. A good thing about leaving AP U.S. History is that it'll re-kindle my enthusiasm for using recreational time to do history.

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