Sunday, November 3, 2013

Well, now, that goes against the grain . . .

A stay-at-home dad in the Philly area writes on the folly of saving for college.

I'm not ready to embrace his advice in its entirety. There seems something irresponsible about not saving anything for the kids' college education. Further, there are others in my kids' lives who wish to contribute to their education down the road. Yet his advice is a good reminder that time with the kids as they grow is invaluable, and that often that time requires money to do meaningful things with them.

I could put this advice with an interesting feature from Freakonomics recently, one that preaches on the folly of saving when we're young, which in my mid-30s I still am.

It is possible to be so pre-occupied with the future that one can short-change the now, and in short-changing the now, one can be guilty of short-changing the future.

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