Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A different place

I don't know if I've ever been as relaxed as I find myself now, on July 15. I quickly de-toxed from a very difficult school year, gained the perspective on how to learn from and build on it. I've spent nearly every day at home with my kids, playing, tending to a garden, going swimming, and just being a parent. I've never had the opportunity to slow down this greatly.

I try to follow the news, really I do, but I don't find myself getting as angst-ridden as I did last summer. Not that I'm happy about what's going on in Washington and Harrisburg, but more resigned than enraged.

I try to move on working toward some schoolwork but can only get as far as working out ideas in my head. I just cannot get serious about academic matters.

I haven't tried to read any non-fiction, but I'm actually committed to reading some mediocre historical fiction. Oh, of course I'm keeping up with The Economist and The Week.

More than ever, I see the wisdom of becoming a Social Studies teacher.

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