Monday, July 20, 2009

Haunting Bits of Advice

Recently, I've thought a bit about the most haunting pieces of advice various folks have given me. What you see below is a listing of wisdom shared by people I know that comes to mind whenever I'm about to violate the lesson they shared.

"You get one flip." - My wife (she meant it in reference to pancakes, but there's broader applicability)

"Every year you delay your graduate work means another year of money you will never see." - Barry Arner, a mentor

"You can run your car all you want without gasoline, but you daresn't run it without oil." - My grandfather (I chuckle at the wisdom)

"Don't send a boy to do a man's job." - My grandmother (Smith), usually invoked in the midst of card playing

"Money goes on the big pile." - My grandmother (Johnson)

"Paint doesn't cover up flaws, it just reveals them." - Gary Buck, a good friend

"Why would someone buy the cow when they're getting the milk for free?" - someone I know and love who wouldn't want to have this quote attached to him

"You either have time or money, never both." - Mary Koster, a good friend

"Sometimes I feel like anything in life I want costs either $50 or $5,000." - Doug Koster, another good friend

"A profession isn't about guarantees. It's about making a certain outcome more likely." - Jackie Fife, a mentor

"Every hour of sleep you get before midnight is twice as good as any hour you get after." - Dad

Sure sign of a bad piece of music: key change. - Dr. Grotto (director from college - it's a paraphrase, not a quote)

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