Wednesday, July 22, 2009


A few weeks ago I discussed the zen-like quality of this summer. Each day it's just me and the two kids. Until last week, it was relaxing in a way I hadn't known relaxation before.

Then came swim lessons. Who could know how that would upend the worldview of a 3-year-old. The teachers do a great job with him. The time and money is well worth it. I notice a huge change in how well Sam navigates the pool (and Caroline is benefiting too from being in the moms-and-tots class with her daddy). However, the daily routine of being separated from me for 50 minutes has been traumatic.

Which probably means this was good for him.

So, what am I learning:

a) It's good and healthy for your kids to be taught, trained, and nurtured by good people qualified to be with kids as teachers, coaches, and mentors. (Heck, that's why we love our kids' preschool so much).

b) I should never underestimate the awe with which kids look at their parents. There is such tremendous power we have in our kids' eyes. The love we possess is unlike anything else they know. Everything we do and say echoes profoundly in their lives.

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