Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Quiet Time

Getting Sam and Caroline to sleep these summer days has been trying. Sam is 5 1/2, an age at which many kids are done napping. Caroline is two years younger: still needs it many days, still fights it some days. So it was of great surprise today when, for approximately 25 minutes, all three of us were asleep. I awoke from a catnap on the couch to a perfectly quiet home. Only the sound of birds and the occasional vehicle. I went upstairs and saw Sam clearing his eyes from a nap that obviously caught him by surprise (he was trying to pretend he hadn't slept). Within ten minutes of his arrival downstairs Caroline came on down too.

The three of us couldn't have been more pleasant on our way to the pool less than one hour later.

I wonder if it's days like this that I'll warmly recall when I get on in years.

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