Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Air Conditioning

I surrendered to the inevitable yesterday, installing an air conditioner in the dining room and installing a just-purchased window rattler for our bedroom. This came after a truly miserable morning, with a forecast predicting triple-digit temperatures by day's end. This came after a morning spent observing the other similar houses in the neighborhood, almost all of which have a window unit in the downstairs plus two or three in their upstairs. This also came after my observation that cold air does not rise at my parents' newly air conditioned home, which had I been paying more attention to science when I was younger.

But this also came after eight years of avoiding making the switch to air conditioning. Some of my reasons are logical: the cost, the potential circuitry issues (we did trip a breaker already), the annoying sound of the unit. Part of my opposition was more substantial: I already miss the sound of our neighborhood. I also don't want to take the air conditioning for granted, raising kids who believe they must have it.

However, the advent of air conditioning has led to something interesting. The kids' bedrooms have been shut down. Yesterday, Sam and Caroline slept in the living room and dining room in the afternoon, which they thought was the coolest thing ever. However, sleeping in mom and dad's bedroom, on the floor, might beat even that.

Even the cat is happy.

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