Friday, July 2, 2010

Gimmicking my way to . . .

Two strategies I've employed recently to discipline myself involved saving money and losing weight. My savings strategy:

  • never spend change
  • never spend a $5 bill I receive as change
  • don't spend money I get reimbursed
  • deposit above monies in a credit union account
  • use that account to make fun purchases
It's worked well. The first two gimmicks I read about in news pieces. The third I made up. So far I've use the money I've saved to . . .

  • buy this laptop
  • buy an HD TV and Blu-Ray
  • buy my beer-making equipment
  • replace my lost wedding ring
  • pay a speeding ticket
It's disciplining me, but it's creating a paralysis of analysis anytime I contemplate spending money, hence my difficulty replacing my Nexus and hesitation to buy any new computer games through Portal as Ben is suggesting.

As for the other gimmick: I was challenged by my doctor to lose weight lest I get put on blood pressure medication. Here's what I did (and this is proving more difficult to do in the summer):

  • no second helpings
  • no eating while standing
  • set utensil down between bites
  • no beer Sunday sundown through Friday afternoon
It's funny how these weight-loss gimmicks are harder to tackle in the summer while my proclivity against spending and for saving gets easier.

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