Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Ironic development.

I finally ginned up the courage to buy an iPod touch. Love it. Fascinating little device. Right purchase.

However, in attempting to transfer my CD collection to it I discovered that the DVD-ROM drive on my laptop is no longer on speaking terms with the laptop in which it resides. I imagine I'll now have to spend $100 or so to fix this problem and truly make good use of the iPod on which I spent hard-earned savings.

For fancy toys like the iPod I use the not-so-secret-secret-savings-account at a credit union. I set this up years ago as a way to save for cool toys that I couldn't justify using family money for. Every time I've dipped into this fund, however, something else immediately happened requiring me to dip further into the fund. I reference the most recent big purchase: the new tv, within 72 hours of purchasing I racked up a speeding ticket AND lost my wedding ring.

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