Friday, July 30, 2010


I've decided recently that I loathe weather forecasts. It's not about their accuracy or inaccuracy. I don't like how viewing a forecast gets me wishing away precious time. One can pick up the paper or check out a website to see what the day will bring (which I do daily), but I find it nearly impossible to not look ahead at what the next seven days will bring. If it's hot out, you look for a relief in the next week. If it's winter, you're looking for the next storm that might lead to a cancellation of school. If it is pleasant, you find yourself wondering how long the beautify skies will last.

One other problem: there's no history. The forecasters predict, set forth a map for the next week, but yesterday has no importance. It's gone, without a trace. I know one can dig for past weather data, but there's no "This is what you just experienced" or "What it was like one year ago today" conveniently on display.

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Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

And also no accountability, i.e., "Glenn Schwartz predicted a high of 102 yesterday with a heat index of 125; the actual high was 94."

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